Concrete Bridge Engineering Institute

Better built, longer lasting. Facilitating excellence in our concrete bridge workforce and technology.

The Concrete Bridge Engineering Institute (CBEI) is the center of concrete bridge-related research, education, and training at The University of Texas at Austin within the Cockrell School of Engineering. Our mission is to serve the concrete bridge community and profession on the most pressing issues encountered across the Nation. This is accomplished through facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships, conducting research which melds engineering practices, and developing unique educational and training opportunities for preparing the current and future generations of our concrete bridge workforce. The Concrete Bridge Engineering Institute is established to serve as a national concrete bridge industry resource, partnering with other leading agencies, researchers, and stakeholders with the goal of addressing issues encountered in concrete bridges and work toward implementing plans to ensure the reliability expectations are met for concrete bridges.

CBEI Services

Grouting Training

Training and Certification

Hands-on intensive workforce training and certification programs.

Site Work 183/35

Concrete Solutions Center

Technical support for projects and developing solutions. Custom in-person and virtual workshops. Facilitating testing and implementation of emerging technologies.

ASR Tubs

Concrete Bridge Component Collection

The concrete bridge component collection features full-scale bridge components from decommissioned bridges and previous research specimens. It is used for hands-on training and exhibiting defects.

Concrete Topics

Strand install

PT Laboratory

Post-tensioning (PT) Laboratory (aka PT Academy) provides hands-on training for field installers and inspectors as well as test and verify promising post-tensioning technologies.


Bridge Deck Construction Inspection Program

Deck Construction Inspection Program to meet the need of ensuring proper initial construction of concrete bridge decks utilizing full-scale hands-on components. Bridge deck construction techniques utilizing precast deck panels and associated technologies will be included in this program along with other types of bridge deck construction techniques


Concrete Materials for Bridges

Concrete Materials Program for Bridges to provide guidance on the proper selection and use of constituent materials to improve the service life of concrete bridges, sustainability of concrete construction, and provide hands-on examples of what happens when these are not considered.



CBEI holds pilot Concrete Materials for Bridges course

Feb. 6, 2024
In early January, CBEI held the pilot course of the Concrete Materials for Bridges Training (CMB-1001). Click the link to see a short highlight video of the course.
Theses Presentation

Dagoberto Garza and Andrea Campos Sanchez present theses

Dec. 18, 2023
Congratulations to Dagoberto Garza, a Graduate Research Assistant, who recently presented his master’s thesis titled, “The Use of High-Strength Reinforcement in Bridge Decks,” and Andrea Campos Sanchez, Graduate Research Assistant, who recently presented her thesis titled, "Investigating Interface Shear Resistance through Slant Shear Tests."

New research findings on STM

Dec. 13, 2023
We are pleased to share our new research findings! A recent research report dives deep into application of the strut-and-tie method (STM) on drilled shaft reinforcement in deep footings, curved-bar nodes in closing knee joints, nodal confinement, and crack control reinforcement.
dennis fillip with logo

Meet the man behind our logo

Nov. 17, 2023
In a grassroots approach, Dennis Fillip, Technical Staff Associate, created our logo. Read about his design process in creating such an important image.
brandon and andrea presentation

Brandon Li and Andrea Campos Sanchez present at the ACI Conference in Boston

Nov. 7, 2023
Brandon Li and Andrea Sanchez Campos presented their research at the ACI Conference in Boston, MA.